Blockhouse Hill Bed & Breakfast
Blockhouse Hill Bed and Breakfast

How Long To Stay With Us?
Some guests stay for one night, some for ten -- and all seem to enjoy exploring Halifax and Dartmouth and the surrounding areas. But, in conversation with our guests, it appears to me that the ones who truly maximize their time are those who spend about five days or so. We take pleasure and pride in assisting our guests to have a wonderful time while here, and making suggestions to them. There is just so much to see and enjoy.

For those who have the time, our suggestions go something like this: After arriving at our home, simply leave your luggage and go to Halifax for the balance of the day, and perhaps the next day as well.  Halifax is a wonderful city -- very compact, very full, very friendly.  As you leave the ferry, you must watch the glass artisans blowing glass into fantastic shapes just inside of an open shed door and perhaps buy a piece as a souvenir. Turn to your left to the great Nova Scotia Art Gallery, then to The Maritime Museum for the Titanic exhibit, up to Saint Paul's Church and its flags. Up again to the Old Town Clock and Citadel Hill, then on to The Museum of Natural History,  and the Historic Victorian Gardens.  So much to see and enjoy, really too much for one day.  Be sure to take the F.R.E.D. (Free Rides Everywhere Downtown) bus around the city.  Be sure to shop along Spring Garden Road, and don't forget Point Pleasant Park.  And after dusk, enjoy the active Halifax night life. 
On day three, we suggest you travel to the South Shore -- spending time at Peggy's Cove, having the world's best seafood chowder at Shaw's in West Dover, then on to Lunenburg for the museum-on-a-ship. Perhaps to Liverpool, then back home at supper time to rest, change, and perhaps have supper in Dartmouth, at one of several  nice places (Ducky's , Celtic Corner or others), all of which are an easy walk from our home.
On day four we suggest you travel to the Annapolis Valley, an easy, beautiful drive.  Stop off at Windsor, then to Grand Pre to experience the Evangeline culture, then to Wolfville  (home of Acadia University) for always a superb lunch, then up to the Blomidon Lookoff, from which you can see four counties.  Then back home, a drive to Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage to watch the sun set over Halifax Harbour and enjoy a meal at The Crick or Anne's The Seagulp. Then home to bed.
If you have a fifth day, you must go to the Eastern Shore, to Tangier, to Sherbrooke Village and relive the past.  Many small fishing villages and unique places to visit.  Come back in the late afternoon, and then spend a final night over in Halifax walking around and enjoying the lights and outdoor music and perhaps sitting on an outdoor patio just people-watching. When you leave for any of these day-trips, Marion will bake extra muffins so you can have something to munch on during these adventures. As you drive along, it is so nice to stop at one of our picnic grounds and take a break.  We have great highways, and scenery that is unbeatable.
Guests who enjoy walking will often rise early and walk around Lake Banook, on which weekly paddling and rowing meets are held.  This is a really nice walk in the early morning, along a wide, smooth sidewalk, alongside a pond, then around the lake, then back home for a shower, coffee and a nourishing breakfast.  On most mornings, you will pass or be passed by canoeists, paddlers or scullers as they skim over Lake Banook, practicing for the week-end meets. A great way to start a day.

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